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Margaretha Hoeve

Margaretha Hoeve is a professional horse business, which was founded by the Van de Vorm family in 1990. Our aim at Margaretha Hoeve is to optimally combine Horse-Breeding, Sports and Trade. By Trade I certainly don't just mean buying and selling horses, but also the partnership between Margaretha Hoeve and my car business, the Automotive Group. Throughout the year we receive many business contacts and customers from the different parts of our car business. They can have a look behind the scenes of the horse business during one of our clinics. It is always a nice way to meet people, and we are happy to offer a relaxed environment for networking with each other. It means we get to know each other better, and we won't have to talk directly about transactions and deals for a change!

On this website you will also find all kinds of information about our passion and drive, and I hope you will enjoy reading it! You can find our personal details under the heading "Contact", but of course you can also phone or email us. Our Margaretha Hoeve team is always happy to help.

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Eric Berkhof

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Since 1990 Margaretha Hoeve is a professional horse business founded by the Van der Vorm family. In 2005 Eric Berkhof – owner of the Automotive Group – bought Margaretha Hoeve from Van der Vorm family.


Margaretha Hoeve and Automotive Group

At the Margaretha Hoeve the cooperation with Automotive Group is central. Many clients and customers are received from the various business units of the car company. Attendees take a look behind the scenes during clinics. It is always a social gathering and offers the possibility to network in a relaxed way. The chance to get to know each other better without having to deal directly with transactions and deals.



Sport horses

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Young horses

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Brood mares

Audi Team

Audi Team was founded in 1994. Margaretha Hoeve is fully equipped to perform the training for the riders as optimally as possible.


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